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  2. Do you think GAG should combine these topics?
  3. ᐅ➤ᐅ Plumber dating site

But in any case I'm gay so I don't have to deal with these parasites. If you can avoid women, you should.

Plumber dating site

I doubt you know anything about gay guys. Gay guys have a wide range of opinions, just like straight guys. Stop being so prejudiced. I speak fluent German too, but I'm not German and have never lived in Germany. It's called being intellectually curious. Could you date or marry a plumber?

Do you think GAG should combine these topics?

There is a lot of stigma against plumbers as bums and slobs and low lifes and so forth. But if you tell a woman your a plumber seems like its a turn off compared to if someone said I'm a cook or a bus driver or automobile mechanic etc So Why is that? Not sure why people are telling me what I already know, I clearly stated that the stigmas aren't true, I'm just wondering why even though they are not true women seem to believe it or feel grossed or disgusted by this aside from the shitty obvious of answers.

Also looking for womens responses I don't need mens point of views. What do you think of the new Gilette ad?

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  3. Could you date or marry a plumber?!
  4. PLUMBERDATE - The Website for Women Who Want to Date Plumbers and for Plumbers Who . . ..

Do you usually follow your head or your heart when making decisions? What do you think about tiny cars? What Girls Said 4.

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  • That's what I said no it's not why would it be you tell me. What Guys Said 4. Plumbers here in Australia has six figure incomes. Sure, if she was pretty and had a great personality. Yes because plumbers make great money.

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    ᐅ➤ᐅ Plumber dating site

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