24v trolling motor hook up

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Just want to be sure I'm not affecting anything and want to optimize my battery life as power is not a major concern. Joe Pesce Member Apr 10, I have a similar set up. It's best to run on 24 volts as with higher voltage you draw less amperage so your batteries will last much longer. Sounds good thanks Joe for thee reply.

24 volt trolling motor wiring diagram - anocimom.cf Community Discussion Forums

Chances are that he would have been just using power from the one battery even though the batteries were wired for 24v. For best results make sure both batteries currently have the same capacity. I will check when I get home but both batteries are the same brand so would assume same capacity.

I am working up near Halliburton and stopped in at the local marine store a mechanic in their advised to switch system back to 12v and wire batteries for 12v as the 24v system he discussed can cause over heating with the increased electrical flow and they have many boat up here actually catch fire from that I would assume most of that would be from using to small of wiring???

Mech Well-Known Member Apr 12, Thanks GMech for the clarification. That is what I was told to anwser your question What I'll do is take a bunch of photos tonight and post once o get home from work of the motor wiring and model number and see if we can get this figure out. Read your manual carefully. I strongly recommend identifying positive leads with red or white electrical tape.

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This wiring scheme will double current capacity available at the plug and decrease voltage drop by cutting the path length in half. You will only be limited by wire size of plug, foot switch and trolling motor. This box will disappear once you are signed in as a member.

The same things you do!!!! I then have 4 wires in my battery compartment from when I purchased the boat it is suppose to be wired for a 24V motor. I can get power running all combinations of wires; execept running the red on the pos. When I do any other wire arrangement I get very little power. I hope this make sence.

24v trolling motor wiring

I think you may have the wires hooked up in the plug wrong if there is more then one option there. You should hook the red up to the positive, the black up to the negative on the other batter and then a jumper between the positive on the second and the negative on the first. Then you only use the black and red wires at the plug. You may need to pull the socket on the boat side out to see where the black and red come in at.

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Then hook up your black and red in the plug so they line up with the socket. Using the factory wiring, the connections inside the plug that goes on the trolling motor are generally what determines 12V or 24V to the motor. I hope you have not fried your trolling motor board which can easily be done if you hook up the 12 volt power feed from the WRONG battery to your trolling motor plug. If your trolling motor has or needs 12 volts like the Power Drives or Vantages the 12 volt feed MUST come from the positive post of the negative battery that feeds the Trolling motor. Where do the factory wires go?

Not every 24 volt system has the wire connecting the two batteries. In my boat, my 24 volt system runs 2 wires from each batter to a plug, which is made to connect with all four wires.

24v trolling motor wiring

The pug makes the necessary conversions. I run my bow mount this way, along with a Vantage on the transom. I am guessing you must have the same sort of system. You should have a plug near the trolling motor.

here I would not hard wire the trolling motor to the batteries. If you don't, they are pretty easy to install. I have a Minnkota Maxxum I hooked everything up as Whoaru99 suggested, but it still runs will minimal power fast, but more like a 36 lbs of thrust , and in the wind it is still worthless. Would it still run if I fried the powerboard?

Quick Tip: Hooking Up 2 Batteries

Could this be a battery issue? As for the fuses, if it's set up as a 24V system and either of the fuses blow, the motor shouldn't work at all because it would break the series connection. This link may help illustrate how configuring the plug works to select 12V or 24V. Of course, yours may be different in some respects but the general concept is usually similar.

Here is my two cents - wasn't going to chime in because you are getting good info - but I have a totally different thought that worked for us